About Medisol


We are one of the specialized Saudi companies in the field of Medical solutions Services and construction as well.

We are providing Services and business Solutions to our clients in Saudi Arabia and gulf countries.


Our team work consists of experienced professionals work as well as we have partnership with Global leading companies.

Medical Business Solutions is one of a Saudi group interested in the field of care and contracting for medical projects.


The design, construction and management of hospital structures as well as the identification and selection of the most appropriate medical equipment and clinical protocols require to integrate an array of skills and competencies while maintaining the flexibility needed to effectively operate in geographic areas characterized by different development models.


Our Vision

Providing high quality services and Medical solutions to contribute to achieving the goals of our customers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

Achieving the satisfaction of our clients and meet their needs by providing medical products and solutions to improve the business environment. Medical Business Solutions leverages international best practices to provide cost effective and innovative solutions to customers worldwide.

• Broad experience in Healthcare Integrated Services Design worldwide
• Holistic Capabilities: from ideation to concretization
• Highly skilled and experienced team of Professionals
• Cultural Awareness
• Legal and Financial Consultancy
• Technical Supervision and Project Management
• Development, implementation and evaluation of customized training modules.